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Token Economy Development

For blockchain startups at the different maturity stages



Business idea

We clarify your business idea and structure and prioritize the needs your business model aims to solve.  Based on the agreed product architecture we define the conceptually feasible way of token economy introduction.



Competitors analysis

We explore the similar solutions on the market and analyze benefits and drawbacks  each project economyposses. At this point we will envision the utility concepts that can ensure the healthy token economy build up for the selected type of projects.



Market Design

We define the project ecosystem participants and produce the portray of their financial needs and activities. Based on the defined actors and activities we describe the system limitations to secure the economy system. 



Mechanics design


We transform the intended participants' activities into the activity flows they conduct in the scope of the ecosystem. This flow defines the interaction between the project participants and the platform. Based on the process flows we define financial policies to provide a self-sustaining monetary flow that corresponds to the business model.



Token allocation and vesting


Based on the combined contributions of the Market Design and Mechanics Desing stage we define the funds allocation and emission of tokens into circulations ensuring the alignment with the future token price and user adoption expectations.

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Token launch


Based on the intended investment amount to attract and expected user adoption goals we advise on the token launch and the project development strategy.


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