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Due Diligence and Research

Blockchain startups and projects analysis



Business review

We explore the market attractiveness, analyze the project target customers and how the value proposition contributes to solving their problems. We compare the solution with the existing competitors landscape and identify the capability to overperform the alternative projects.



Technology review

We conduct a deep analysis of project technology documentation and review the code implementation to identify ambiguities that do not correspond to the statements declared in the whitepaper. We explore the system architecture and conduct a practical testing to assess the platform use case  implentation.



Economy review

We perform a deep exploratory analysis of token utility and monetary policy to estimate financial risks encapsulated in the token economy model. We provide a complete overview of the token flow, feasibility of value accrual along. Finally, we assess how the  token allocation and vesting schedule correspond to the project development and growth roadmap.

We offer project-based collaboration where the price of deliverables is identified given the project  complexity.

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