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Spheres of our portfolio


Designing the efficient and trustless blockchain environment of financial operations that revolutionizes traditional financial services of lending and borrowing. 


Creating a smooth and engaging ecosystem for players that enables in-game asset management and revenue generation


Launching the economy of alternative worlds that reinvents the mundane life event into a fascinating journey of extended reality and discover participant flipside personality


Scaling the monetization of technological products and systems development to provide an extensive incentivisation to create, modify, adopt and use the software solutions.


Introducing the economic environment which fosters collaboration between producers and consumers with incentivization for active participation in content advancement


Introducing the community first environment guided by the spirit of DAO that facilitates openness and provides incentives for building active and  engaging social profiles

Real Estate

Provide a seemingless and transparent solutions to easily collateralize, rent, borrow and sell properties, continuously modifying the financial services facilitating the market trends

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